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Our story starts amidst a flurry of disappointment and distaste. This was because the sheer majority of gaming and tech review websites were mediocre. They either catered to the extremely tech-savvy or, in the worst case, had a paywall to access their content. A lack of easy-to-access and understand content was missing.

We at GamingSword firmly believe that the knowledge within the realms of gaming and technology needs to be so accessible that our community of gaming and tech enthusiasts grows. Break the incorrect and often harmful stereotype associated with anyone that geeks out about this.

So to make a long story short, a couple of friends just bought some video games and basic peripherals like keyboards and monitors and started reviewing them and uploading them onto our blog. Our goal was to break everything down into its simplest components and try our level best, so our passion permeates through our content and inspires.

We do not want you to just read about our content, rather be a part of the journey we take whenever a review is written.

What is GamingSword?

GamingSword is a new way of e-learning. It is a source of news media and covers everything about gaming products around the world. It is an online news publisher for games. Without wasting your time by watching other distended videos and reading irrelevant text, you will get the information you require.

GamingSword provides all the information related to your computer, hardware, and games in the way you expect. The main aim is to define different topics in a very simple way so that everyone finds their way. We offset all the events with their authentic report and make the write-ups about the impending games. And make research and reviews about the products and games.

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