How to Access Steam Screenshot Folder

While playing any steam game, gamers possess the power of capturing their favorite in-game screen by simply clicking a pre-set steam screenshot button...

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Steam Screenshot Folder

While playing any steam game, gamers possess the power of capturing their favorite in-game screen by simply clicking a pre-set steam screenshot button (usually F12). These snapshots can later be published in your Steam profile or other platforms. 

However, what many games do not know much about is where does steam store these screenshots. To help with this issue, our article will show how to find steam screenshots so that you can access all your captured game screens anytime you want.  

There are three methods by which users can find the screenshot folder on any PC. The first two are pretty easy; one is accessing through the Steam Client, and the other is accessing via the Steam-provided cloud storage. 

The third method requires users to surf through their system’s file explorer and thus is a little complicated. Here’s a thorough explanation of how to avail the three strategies for getting to the steam screenshot folder. 

Method 1: Access Steam Screenshot Folder Via Steam

What better place to view your in-game Steam screenshots than the Steam interface itself. The interface is also known as Steam Client or Steam ROM manager and is by far one of the simplest means of getting to your in-game screenshots.

  • To start with, click-open the Stream program window and press on ‘View‘ from the menu panel located on the upper-left corner of the screen 
  • Upon clicking ‘View‘, the Stream client will pop open a drop-down menu. Click on ‘Screenshots

This is where steam screenshots are saved. From here, users can select captured screens for uploading or delete any as per their preference. All displayed screenshots can also be directly accessed from the PC’s hard drive.

PC's hard drive

To do this, click any of the displayed screenshots and select the ‘Show On Disk’ button located at the very bottom. The button will take you to the exact location in your system’s File Explorer where all previous and current screenshots are saved. Here, users are also allowed to permanently delete unnecessary items if they want. 

Method 2: Access Steam Screenshot Folder Online

Other than your system’s hard drive, there is one other place where your snapshots might stack up. It’s the Steam Cloud Storage. This type of storage is more stable and can be reached through any device as long as you don’t forget your Steam login credentials. 

To access the Steam Online Store facility, open the Steam Program, then go to View> Screenshots> View Online Library. Thanks to the 1GB free initial cloud storage my Steam, this library will save up to a ton of screenshots that you can directly publish wherever you like. 

Method 3: Access Steam Screenshot Folder Via Your PC’s Hard Drive Storage

As said earlier, every single in-game screenshot captured by a Steam gamer is bound to get stored on the computer in use. One way to access this storage is to get to the hard drive via Steam Client, as discussed in the first method but you can also reach it manually anytime you want. 

In most cases, the Steam screenshot folder is placed alongside the Steam program that is presently installed. The default location is mostly on the Local disk C. Thus access C:\ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ userdata\ <yourSteamID> \ 760 \ remote\ <app – ID> \ screenshots.

Program Files

By following the above-mentioned path, you’ll get to the Steam Screenshot folder, in which there will be multiple folders belonging to each Steam game your system currently houses. If you look closely, the path above carries a field that says \ <yourSteamID> \.

To finally get to the screenshot folder, users ought to know their respective Steam User ID. If you are unaware of yours, follow the steps discussed below: 

  • Open Steam
  • From the top left Menu, access ‘View’ then click on ‘Settings.’
  • Next, click on ‘Interface‘ from the left-handed vertical menu displayed in ‘Settings.’
  • Tick the box beside ‘Display Steam URL address when available.’
  • Now tap on the Ok button at the very bottom of the Steam window.
  • This will display your Steam URL in the profile section. Go to the Steam Profile section and click view name to note your User ID from the end of the displayed URL 

For those who want to get to the Steam Screenshot Folder on an operating system other than Windows, follow the paths mentioned below: 

For Finding Steam Screenshot Folder on Mac OS 

Users / *Your Mac Username* / Library / Application Support /Steam

For Finding Steam Screenshot Folder on Linux 


Final Word 

Well, Steam is programmed as such that it pops open its screenshot manager automatically as soon as users capture their in-game screens, but this is not the case every time. There are several gaming forums where users are not honored by this screenshot feature, forcing them into the dilemma of where to access Steam screenshots from. 

On the contrary, now that you are fortunate enough to get to our guide, we hope you know how to access the Steam Screenshot folder. It is recommended to first follow the first two methods as they are more straightforward. If they don’t bring you luck, the third solution will definitely do. 

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