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8 Best Gaming Glasses

Have you ever spent an entire night relishing your favorite AAA game and ended up fighting off dry eyes and a nasty...

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Best Gaming Glasses

Have you ever spent an entire night relishing your favorite AAA game and ended up fighting off dry eyes and a nasty headache? Dedicated gaming glasses will help you get rid of this issue and give you that pro gamer feels everyone craves. 

We have for you an entire list of the 8 best gamer classes that won’t disappoint you while you’re busily outclassing your opponents with no plans to pause! 

These 8 gaming beasts will prove useful in cutting down the harmful blue light emitted by your screen and even boast a comfortable night’s sleep so you can get charged for your next day clash. 

1. KLIM Optics Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

KLIM Optics Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

KLIM Optics gaming glasses are potent enough to smoothly eradicate the blue light issue you are sick of facing between your virtual gaming grounds. 

Beating every other contestant on this list, the KLIM Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses filters 92% of high-intensity lights, offering you the best possible, non-distorted screen vision despite its rich yellow tint. KLIM also houses UV protection barriers; however, the exact measure is not specified. 

Along with its massive blue-blocking potential, KLIM will give you the same sturdiness and performance one can expect from a pair of Gunnar gaming glasses but at a reduced price.

Coming to its construction, with a frame built of TR90 grade Grilamid, KLIM is very light in weight and incredibly comfortable so that you don’t feel any burden while wearing it. The temple arms are also of the perfect length and don’t curl way too much near to the end. 

The pair also equips adjustable silicone-made nose pads, yet another feature that is found rarely in modern gaming glasses. Overall, KLIM is a great buy. 


  • Excellent blue light filtering that tops at 92%
  • Lightweight yet durable design
  • Comfortable for all-day wear
  •  Comes with KLIM lifetime support


  • UV protection capacity is a bit dodgy and not specified by the manufacturer either

2. J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Gaming Glasses

J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Gaming Glasses

Another great option to secure its place as the best gaming glasses in terms of filtering even the most intense beams of blue light is the J+S Vision Gaming Glasses pair.

It is one of the mightiest video gaming goggles on our list that comes with UV 400 protection, moderately tinted lenses, and sturdy blue light filters that are potent enough to block 90% of the high-intensity lights.

One important distinction between the J+S Vision Glasses and other contestants of this list is that it keenly manages to balance letting through low-energy light while filtering the harmful high-energy blue light. This makes sure that the user’s screen vision doesn’t get distorted.

While offering top-tier performance, the manufacturer has certainly not compromised its product’s overall appearance. The Glass features a neutral unisex design.

Whether your head is small or large, the J+S Gaming Glass is the best fit for everyone, thanks to the spring-loaded temple arms for flexibility. Also, each pair of glasses comes bundled with extra temples in the box.

With such an overly featured pair of gamer glasses like the J+S Vision, your aching head and dry eyes will be things of the past. Though it lacks magnification capacity, considering the value for money, this option represents a great purchase.


  • Blocks most of the high-intensity blue light as well as UV rays
  • Classic design, suitable for men and women both
  • Ensures minimal color distortion
  • Flexible temple arms to fit all head sizes


  • No magnification capability

3. Occffy Blue Light Filter Gaming Glasses

Occffy Blue Light Filter Gaming Glasses

By staying budget-friendly while not compromising its overall outlook, Occffy has proved that a pair of nifty computer glasses don’t always have to be pricey.

This product offers great protection against intense blue light rays at just a little bit more than 10 bucks.

The frame is made with a customized fit so that no user has any issue fitting these glasses, no matter how big or small their head is.

While the lightweight design fits comfortably on the face, the dedicatedly designed extra light legs give a great feeling and hold perfectly on the head without exerting too much pressure, ensuring all-day comfort.

However, a few users have shared their concerns about the durability of Occffy’s extra thin legs that tend to bend if not used with care.

With a special anti-blue light lens that has intense light filters spread all over it, the glasses will aid incredibly in reducing glare. The lenses block up to 90% or more blue light and are also UV 400 protective, thanks to their polycarbonate build.


  • Blocks most of the high-intensity blue light and UV400 rays
  • Polycarbonate-made lenses provide visual fidelity and optical clarity


  • Extra thin temple arms that are prone to bending

4. ANIMA Blue Light Eyewear Gaming Glasses

ANIMA Blue Light Eyewear Gaming Glasses

Via the premium quality design, this pair of blue-light-blocking glasses will give you a luxurious feel upon wearing them. It’s a great pick for anyone who not only desires to get rid of the gaming aches but wants to own a stylish pair all day long.

Unlike usual glasses for gamers, the ANIMA Eyewear Glasses has a frame made entirely of metal, making the pair the most durable option on our list. This feature also makes it heavier than plastic-made ones but not as heavy as other metallic gaming glasses with the same potential of features held within.

Owing to the unique design and flexibility of the spring hinges, ANIMA Glasses for gamers will fit almost every face comfortably.

Affixed within the metallic frame are CR-39 rated lenses which provide huge benefits, including visual clarity, solid anti-glare protection, and maximum blue light filtering.

To examine its incredible performance, the manufacturer has placed a blue light testing card along with the light in the package. This way, you can testify for yourself, but be mindful of the fact that such testers aren’t always reliable.

With the minimal tinting, which looks quite cool instead of looking dull, there is hardly any color distortion for the glasses.

Though the price tag of these glasses will let many of you down, especially after going through other affordable options mentioned in our list, the retail cost here justifies ANIMA’s massive quality and looks.


  • The extremely durable metallic build
  • Scratch-resistant CR 39 lenses that possess anti-glare, anti-reflective, and blue light proof qualities
  • Comfortable for long wear
  • Backed by a 100% return policy


  • A little heavy on the nose of some users
  • An expensive pair of gaming glasses

5. ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses

ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses

These video gaming goggles by ANRRI are an incredibly fashionable pair of glasses that are available in various frame designs and do a great job blocking off blue light.

As long as we talk about its frames, they are not only appealing to the eyes but are made of solid material to last you for many more gaming years to come. However, the lenses within these sturdy frames are a bit flimsy and can distort user vision.

Despite the downside, the lenses are patient enough to perfectly cancel out all intense blue light spectrums that try to enter your eyes via the game screen.

They come with a very thin layer of AR coating glued very softly to their surface and can be easily peeled off.

Therefore, you need to be careful while handling the ANRRI glasses. Otherwise, the absence of this coating may remove its protective features against the bright light, and the leftover smudgy patches can blur your vision.

A big drawback associated with this pair of gaming glasses is its way too hefty retail cost. Though ANRII has packed plenty of features for the comfort of casual as well as hardcore gamers, the price tag is still too massive.


  • Excellent design
  • Sturdy frame construction
  • Blocks most of the blue light


  • Peeling off the AR coating can be a menace 
  • Flimsy lenses

6. livho 2 Pack Blue Light Blocking Glasses

livho 2 Pack Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The livho pack of 2 glasses is one of the best-selling gaming glasses to secure its place on our list. Honestly speaking, there are definitely more than a few plus points that have earned livho this place.

Though the set retails with a very affordable price tag, both the livho blue light blocking glasses, provide great eye protection, durable build, and absolute style.

Their lenses are amber-tinted and are designed using American HEV Adsorb substrate absorption technology with UV 400 protection and glare reduction qualities. The rest of the body is made of sturdy TR90 construction.

The only downside of this pack is that both the livho masterpieces are nice for people with small heads but definitely a big no for others. However, after a few uncomfortable wears, the temple arms will extend to fit you.

Overall, this option by livho is great for users who require decent gaming glasses that avoid most of the high-intensity light coming out of their gaming rigs without being too harsh on their pockets.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Very economical
  • Resist most of the screen glare and harmful blue lights


  • Unfit for users with larger than average head size

7. Gamma Ray Optics Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

Gamma Ray Optics Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

The Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses by Gamma Ray Optics is ideal for anyone who is looking for a great introductory pair and knows what magnification degree suits them the best.

Both the frame and lenses are made of plastic, which makes Gamma Ray glasses flexible and ultra-lightweight. Thanks to the modest styled frame and arms, the glasses are quite trendy in the market, with reviewers raving about Gamma Rays looks and the ability to soothe eye strains.

Despite being a bit less tinted, its lenses are anti-glare and best in providing the correct level of protection from reflections as well. These gaming glasses also offer UV400 protection.

What really makes this Gamma Ray Optics product unique are the varying degrees of magnification provided. The feature isn’t specially constructed to meet any severe requirements but can prove useful for navigation on-screen by enlarging text size.

It may also facilitate curtailing blurry sight across the board. You can select magnification anywhere from 0.00x to 4.00x when purchasing.

However, if you aren’t sure what magnification degree will suit you the best, don’t go for this product. The confusion might turn the magnifying advantage into a hazard, especially for users who have clear vision.

Overall it’s a perfect budget-friendly contender on this list with a top-quality durable built to last for years.


  • Lightweight plastic built
  • Anti-reflective and anti-glare lenses
  • UV400 protection capacity
  • Available in multiple magnifications
  • Affordable


  • Not ideal or those who are unaware of what magnification degree they require 

8. COASION Semi-Rimless Blue Light Blocking Glasses

COASION Semi-Rimless Blue Light Blocking Glasses

COASION manufacturers are known for making great tools that take your gaming experience to another, bigger and better level.

With the gorgeous vintage style rims, these pairs of glasses by COASION are the most stylish of the budget-friendly picks mentioned here in our list of the best 8 video gaming goggles.

COASION has adopted a semi-rimless shape to make these glasses look classy for a professional setting and convenient for long wear.

It has frames made of titanium polymer TR-90 and is friction-coated for comfortable fitting. This building also boasts the glasses to be lightweight, long-lasting, and reliable.

Apart from its amazing construction, let’s get into the service on offer that really makes the COASION Semi-Rimless Glasses worth gaming with.

Though the manufacturer doesn’t reveal an exact percentage, this item features a unique blue light blocking capability that neutralizes the effects of screen light. Moreover, they are UV 400 rated to block harmful UV rays too. These glasses for gaming are anti-glare as well but not as sharp as others in this list.


  • Very classy Wayfair design
  • Decent frame shape to aid long-wearing
  • Comfortable polymer TR-90 built


  • Exact blue light resistivity percentage not specified by the manufacturer 
  • Doesn’t provide a great deal of resistance against glare

Comparison Table 

Best Gaming GlassesBlue Light Filtering CapacityBuilt and DurabilityLens PerformancePricing
KLIM Optics Blue Light Blocking Gaming GlassesExtraordinary Blocking Capacity, Filters up to 92% of Blue LightGrilamid TR90 Thermoplastic Built, Lightweight, Flexible, DurableYellow Tinted, No Color Distortion Lens, UV, and Blue Light Proof Good Value for Money
J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Gaming GlassesGreat Blocking Capacity, Filters up to 90% of Blue LightPolycarbonate Frame and Lens, Flexible Temple Arms, DurableLow Tinted, Minimal Color Distortion Lens, UV 400 and Blue Light Proof Good Value for Money 
Occffy Blue Light Filter Gaming GlassesGreat Blocking Capacity, Filters up to 90% of Blue LightPolycarbonate Frame and Lens, Customization Fit Temple Arms, DurableClear Lens, No Color Distortion, Less Glare, and Reflection proofGreat Value For Money, Budget Friendly
ANIMA Blue Light Eyewear Gaming GlassesDecent Blocking Capacity, Filters up to 52% Blue lightMetallic Frame, Very DurableLow Tinted, Low Color Distortion, CR 39 Lens, Anti-glare, Anti-reflective, Block Blue Light A Bit Overpriced
ANRRI Blue Light Blocking GlassesDecent Blocking Capacity, Claims to Filter 90% Blue LightTR90 Build, DurablePolycarbonate-made, Clear Lens with Soft AR Coating, UV and Blue Light Resistant Overpriced
livho 2 Pack Blue Light Blocking GlassesDecent Blocking Capacity, Exact Percentage Not Mentioned by ManufacturerTR90 Frame, Stainless Steel Hinges, Durable Amber Tinted, Uses American HEV Adsorb Substrate Absorption Technology, Anti Glare, Anti Blue LightGreat Value For Money, Budget Friendly
Gamma Ray Optics Blue Light Blocking Gaming GlassesDecent Blocking Capacity, Exact Percentage Not Mentioned by ManufacturerTR90 Nylon Frames, Lightweight, DurableAmber Tinted, UV Protection Capacity, Anti Reflection, Resists Blue LightGood Value For Money
COASION Semi-Rimless Blue Light Blocking GlassesDecent Blocking Capacity, Exact Percentage Not Mentioned by ManufacturerFriction-coated, Titanium Polymer TR-90 Built, DurableClear Lens, Anti Glare, Anti Reflections, 100 UV Protection, Blocks Blue LightGood Value For Money

Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying Video Gaming Goggles

After conveying our top picks, we want to share with you the main factors we speculated in our evaluations and what you should consider when you go for purchasing the best glasses for gaming yourself.

Frame Size and Shape

Similar to purchasing daily-use glasses, one of the most crucial factors is the feel and look of its frame. The best gaming glass frame should feel not only comfortable but also look great with your face.

Though many of us like getting a frame style according to our preference, unluckily, the gaming glass manufactory retains the very usual esports look. However, you can still manage to come across a brand that retails wide arrays of styles.

A perfect pair for gaming glasses would look good while your game and accompany you in the outdoors.

Temple Arm Design

Other than the frame, what really makes up for the comfort level in a gaming glass is its temple arms. You should be mindful of its design, especially if the goggles are to be worn beneath a headset.

Even if a pair of goggles claim to be very comfortable, the ear caps of a headphone that press tightly into the goggles arms can reverse the game.

Therefore, to avoid any such issues, go for flatter, thinner, and more flexible temple arms. Also, make sure that the gaming goggles aren’t too narrow for your head.

Anti-Glare Coating

Almost every gaming glass being retailed in the market right now claims to possess an anti-glare coated lens.

This feature is essential for a glass that’s specially designed for gaming as the coat helps reduce the unwanted glare caused by the screen light. Unfortunately, not all glasses that affirm to have this potential offer the optimum degree of protection.

The best gaming glass will possess an anti-glare coating on both sides of its lens. Additionally, the coating will be equipped with anti-reflection properties as well.

Lens Color

Clear lenses, amber and yellow are most common in glasses for gaming. As per studies, a lens with a stronger tint is more effective in blocking the harmful blue light.

Usually, clean lenses that seem to have no tint at all have a slight hint of a yellow tint to help them block some blue light. However, the slight tint doesn’t account for a blockage as powerful as what a fully yellow or amber tinted lens provides.

Therefore, we suggest you go with yellow or amber-tinted lenses. Just be careful of the fact that intense tints affect perception and color accuracy. Also, they might not look as good as a clear lens.


Now that you are aware of the true potential of gaming glasses and their vital role in keeping your eyes healthy and fresh make sure to purchase one of the best video gaming goggles mentioned above.

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