How To Fix Discord Mic Not Working

Though discord has been working fine ever since the majority of gamers have shifted to it from skype, a discord microphone glitch...

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Fix Discord Mic Not Working

Though discord has been working fine ever since the majority of gamers have shifted to it from skype, a discord microphone glitch has recently become the new talk of the town where users can hear other members of the channel, but they aren’t able to convey their voice in return.

For the most part, the discord works faultlessly with minimal problems. The development company behind Discord is mostly quick in repairing reported bugs, but this one seems to have been ignored by them.

As per most user complaints, the discord mic not working issue seems to be tied up with the desktop version. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single ultimate fix that works for all cases, meaning that the issue can get triggered from various places.

Hence you might have to try a clump of fixes to discover a solution that actually works in your case. Here’s a neatly curated list of all the possible methods you can apply if your discord won’t detect mic.

But just before that, we have for you a few small things to try before really getting into troubleshooting.

First Things to Try 

  1. Close down the Discord program completely and try re-launching it. This will sometimes solve the issue by removing small bugs from the operation but not always.
  2. Many times, it’s the mic that is acting up. Along with trying the above method, unplug your USB or mic/audio jack and replug it. You can also make use of a spare headset if you have one and check whether that works with the PC or the issue continues.
  3. If both the above options fail, try doing a complete restart of your system and check if it brings the Discord back to life.
  4. Also, check running the Discord app as an administrator. For those who haven’t done this before, simply right-click Discord’s main icon and click on “Run as Administrator 

If Discord is still not picking up the mic, start following the solutions below. One of the methods below is bound to restore the discord microphone audio. We recommend you try the solutions one after another until you encounter the one that best remedies your issue. 

Solution 1: Check For an Outdated Audio Driver

Sometimes the Discord mic not working issue can have a counter as easy as updating an outmoded driver. All you need to do is search for the latest driver and replace it with the former one.

You can do this by manually visiting the developer of your audio card and choosing a good driver from there, or you can head over to the builder of your motherboard and ask for the driver in case you are an onboard sound user.

Solution 2: Give Discord Access to Use Your Microphone

Before making changes to the Discord to fix the mic problem, it’s very important first to check if everything’s right on the system’s end. One very important thing to check beforehand is whether the PC’s Windows OS has allowed Discord to use mike? To confirm and give discord access: 

  • Enter Windows Settings menu and click open Privacy 
  • Under App Permissions on the sidebar at your left-hand corner is Microphone. Press it
  • The right section will pop open. Here, toggle the switch ON placed under the “Allow apps to access your microphone” option.

Solution 3: Logging Out and In 

Logging out and in Discord is an easy but hit-or-miss trick. This method might not work in many cases, but if it does, it is more of a temporary remedy for the situation, and you’ll still need to consider other solutions of this list. To try out this trick: 

  • Open the desktop version of the Discord App and click the Settings icon at the bottom left of the screen
  • Scroll to the Settings menu’s end and hit the LogOut button. Again click LogOut when asked to confirm your action
  • Once you are done logging out, input back all your Login credentials and check if your friends can hear you 

Solution 4: Make Sure Discord Is Connected to The Correct Mic

If the above didn’t prove fruitful, then it is worth checking what input device Discord is using. In many situations, users have found Discord connected to the wrong input device instead of the mic that was meant to be used, resulting in no mic being detected. 

Here’s how you can connect Discord with the correct one: 

  • Enter Discord’s interface and click the User Settings icon situated at the bottom-left of your screen.
  • Next, press on to Voice and Video.
  • Just close to the top, you will find a drop-down list under the Input Device header. Choose the intended device from the list.
  • Once done, make sure you also check the Input Volume slider. Fully max out the slider. 

Solution 5: Reset Your Voice Settings in Discord

Now that you are into the Voice and Video section of Discord’s settings, let’s tweak a little bit of it to see if that could help: 

  • After opening the Voice and Video option in Discord Settings, scroll down as much as you can to reveal the red-colored Reset Voice Settings option. 
  • Click the option and press OK to confirm your action. 

Solution 6: Enable Automatic Input Sensitivity 

Sometimes, Discord won’t detect the mic if the Automatic Input Sensitivity is not enabled. Switching off this option stops Discord from recognizing input from any mic you connect to the PC. You can easily enable it by following the given steps:

  • Go to Discord Settings, enter Voice and Video section.
  • The section carries a header “Input Sensitivity,” under which is a dual-colored bar. On the right is a Switch toggle. Move the toggle towards the right to enable Automatic Input Sensitivity. 


We hope you have resolved your Discord’s mic not working issue till now. However, if you couldn’t remedy the problem with even one of the solutions listed above, your last resort is to uninstall the Discord program and install it back again completely.

This trick will help reset the entire app and might solve the problem at last. If all else fails, it’s finally time to contact Discord’s team. Though Discord Developers have confirmed launching a permanent hotfix to this microphone issue, they might temporarily patch up errors from their side, if any.

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