Homall Gaming Chair Review

You perhaps might already be aware of how important an ergonomic gaming chair is to boost one’s performance while gaming. Today, we...

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Homall Gaming Chair

You perhaps might already be aware of how important an ergonomic gaming chair is to boost one’s performance while gaming. Today, we will be talking about one of such chairs that’s exceptionally cozy but also very reasonable. 

We are talking about the very famous Homall Gaming Chair that, despite being inexpensive, packs a box full of robust features for you. The chair provides incredible portability, durability, and a comforting experience for sitting indoors, making it well worth its cost. 

The Homall gaming chair is a great all-rounder chair that will help you stay healthy and fit no matter how long you work. 

In this Homall gaming chair review, you will get to know everything that makes this chair worthy and what compromises you still have to face before buying one.  


DimensionsChair Height From Ground to Seat: 17.3 to 21.5 inchSeat Size: 14.5 x 20.5 inchesBackrest Height: 30.5 inch
Weight42.1 lbs
Maximum Weight Capacity300 lbs
MaterialsHigh-density shaping foam coated with PU leather, Thick steel frame, Nylon-made base 
Chair TypeHigh-Back Gaming Chair 
Recline180 degrees
Design/StyleRacing Style
Color VariantsAll-Black, Black and Blue, Black and Red, Black and Cyan, Black and Grey, Balck and Purple, Black and White 
Warranty 1 year 

Comfort and Convenience 

Comfort and Convenience

The correct time to replace your ordinary furniture with this masterpiece right here has certainly come. 

Despite retailing at a much affordable price tag, Homall has definitely not compromised on comfort. 

The chair adopts an ergonomic design for offering solid support to the user’s back, and with a seat that embraces a waterfall design, users are assured optimal blood flow so they can avoid exhausting too early. 

Dissimilar to other inexpensive options of current times, the chair right here consists of generous padding on its backrest. The 4-inch seat cushion, made of high-density foam, is also surprisingly nice. 

The external pillows are satisfactory as well, along with a very protrusive lumbar pillow. 

Homall gaming chair is built with the best-constructed elements and equips a double bungee system with the very sturdy textile fabric to maintain strength and stability. It also possesses a super smooth reclining mechanism which you can lick at any position as you like. 



The Homall gaming chair embraces the cozy yet modern racing style, high-back design with non-adjustable armrests. The chair’s look will inspire gamers; especially this style can be seen adopted by many YouTube influencers. 

Homall allows you to choose your best-fit color from 7 varying accents, including red, cyan, grey, blue, white, purple, and black, all against the black base color. This also means that the manufacturer has for you an all-black option as well. 

There is a very bold S-Racer logo printed in the exact center of the headrest that perhaps might not seem appealing to many.

Construction Quality

Construction Quality

At such a reasonable retail price, a little deficiency is inevitable to come by. Still, the overall construction quality of the Homall gaming chair is enough to excel your expectations for such a budget option. 

Structure-wise, Homall feels very strong. It’s on par with the top-tier picks of the gaming chair market. Padding on the chair’s seat is adequately done with a denser material which will account for it to keep its shape longer. 

It’s the same foam that is also responsible for providing you a cozy gaming experience, resilience, anti-oxidation, and elasticity. The 1.8mm thick frame made of steel provides for a more stable and sturdy seat. Plus, the skin-friendly PU leather coated around is resistant to depletion. 

However, PU leather coating makes the Homall chair non-breathable, but that’s also not much of an issue as the manufacturer has provided two air vents just below the chair’s headrest. 

Coming to what really proves that it is still a cheap option is first of all the hardened plastic (nylon) base and second the very simple class-3 gas lift. Apparently, this combination seems enough to hold 300 lbs of weight, but user reviews bear out Homall to hold a maximum of 200 lbs. 

So the crux here is that the Homall gaming chair feels like a robust option and is built to last for many years to come, but only if you are not an above-average-sized person. 

Features and Adjustments

There are many incredible features and handy adjustments that you will come across once you begin relaxing on the Homall gaming chair regularly. Here are the features you will get to see: 

180-Degree Reclining]


The main factor behind the Homall gaming chair’s widespread popularity is its unique 180-degree reclining capability. This means you will be able to lower your chair’s backrest up to 180 degrees so that you can lay back and take short naps between exhausting game sessions. 

The feature advances Homall’s overall flexibility and ensures better support and comfort.  

Moreover, the chair also possesses the potential of 360 degrees smooth swivel, making Homall one of the best budgets picks in the markets right now. 

External Pillows

External Pillows

There are two external pillows included with the Homall gaming chair, and fortunately, both work pretty fine. 

You will certainly like the way Homall’s neck pillow is attached by going through a slight cut out in the chair’s backrest. The cut-out enables it to move up and down a decent few inches to give you the perfect support where it’s needed the most. 


Armrests are quite nifty as well, but unlike the external pillows, they are non-adjustable. This makes heightening the chair’s level the only solution as to move these armrests up above. 

Whether fixed armrests prove to be a deal-breaker totally depends on your usage. If you are someone who likes relaxing their arms only during rest periods, in a reclined position, or while looking at the phone, then the height of the armrest doesn’t really matter. 

However, if you are fond of using them a little too much, even while working, then we suggest you go for a different chair. 

Rocking Function

By just adjusting the knob beneath your Homall gaming chair’s seat, you can make this ergonomic chair rock back and forth like the one we usually see in people’s lounges.

Color Caster Wheels 

Thanks to the color caster wheels affixed beneath Homall, it is really easy to move or roll the chair anywhere. These wheels do not create any noise nor much friction, no matter where you drag them. 

Size and Maximum Weight Capacity

Modern-day gaming chairs mostly overstate their maximum size and weight capacity, and this is exactly what has happened with the Homall Gaming Chair. 

Though it is advertised with a maximum weight capacity of about 300 lbs, the chair’s material and dimensions tell us that it can only bear up to 200 lbs of weight that’s around 6’2 inches tall. 

The width of Homall’s seat, excluding the bolsters, is exactly 14.5 inches wide. Upon including bolsters, the measure rounds to 20 inches. This is precisely what falls short in giving the Homall gaming chair its stated maximum weight capacity. 

Other properties that account for Homall acute weight-bearing capacity are its nylon-made base and the very modest class-3 gas lift. 

Coming to the other hand, Homall’s seat height range falls between 18 to 22 inches measured from the top of the seat cushion to the floor. Though the chair’s high back is not that high as found in others, the maximum seat height of this Homall chair is quite massive. The ideal user height lies between 5’4 to 6’2 inches. 

Why Should You Buy The Homall Gaming Chair? 

  • Despite the horde of robust features found within and its absolute quality built, the Homall gaming chair won’t drain too much out of your pockets.
  • It Retails in seven varying color accents with a standard black base. There’s also an all-black edition. 
  • A comfortable gaming chair that allows you to sit fully relaxed even if your profession or passion demands you to sit for longer periods
  • Carries lumbar supports and adjustable headrest pillows
  • Super durable PU leather material used to provide maximum comfort and maintain elasticity. 
  • The chair is very easy to assemble, thanks to the handy manual that comes along.
  • It comes with a year full of a money-back guarantee. 

Why Should You Not Buy The Homall Gaming Chair? 

  • Even after the so-mentioned weight capacity of worth 300 lbs, Homall gaming chair’s dimensions fall short in bearing even 250 lbs of weight.
  • Armrests are permanently fixed. To adjust them, you need to heighten the entire chair’s level. 
  • Very simple class-3 gas lever mechanism that struggles to hold more than 200 lbs of weight


You have indeed got to the right gaming chair if you want to make the most out of your favorite gameplay without sacrificing your winning chances due to exhaustion and discomfort.

No matter if it’s gaming or any other productive task, a Homall gaming chair will provide its user the sweetest and comforting atmosphere to work with. Its perfectly durable material, ergonomic yet appealing design, and very smooth 180-degree recline will not fail to impress you.

That said, if you do not want to empty your pockets, are an average-sized person with not much weight to burden Homall’s lacking gas lever mechanism, and don’t really need adjustable armrests, this chair can be your perfect buy. Believe us or not, for the price you’re paying, it’s hard to do better. 

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