Getting A Javascript Error On Discord? Here’s The Fix

Discord is a perfect system for communities, whether it’s to discuss your ideas with like-minded people or to play your favorite games...

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Javascript Error On Discord

Discord is a perfect system for communities, whether it’s to discuss your ideas with like-minded people or to play your favorite games in collaboration. However, there’s this one Discord Java error that’s becoming frustrating for nearly everyone. If you are also experiencing the same pesky issue, this post has got you covered.

If we talk about the causes, from a triggered antivirus software halting Discord to Discord’s own corrupted configuration files, there can be many reasons behind the discord fatal javascript error. But fortunately, there are numerous different combating strategies to tackle the issue.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to fix the fatal javascript error in discord. Normally, the approaches are simple enough to get into action without wasting too much time quickly. However, do ensure that you carefully follow all the listed steps in order to eradicate the issue in no time.

Top 4 Easiest Fixes For JavaScript Error In Discord

Fix #1: Regenerate Discord’s AppData Folder

If you are a Discord PC user, the software will occupy some of your system’s storage to store a few files that allow the program to run efficiently. These files include cached thumbnails, usage logs, configuration settings, and other data that is required for loading.

1. The corruption of these files might halt the loading process, causing your desktop to prompt a javascript error in the main process. To regenerate the corrupted data (and also remove useless files), you can delete the Discord AppData file. To do so,

2. Enter the system’s file explorer and find AppData by using the navigation bar at the top.

Once you find the AppData folder, click it open and find the Discord file within. Right-Click, then press on Delete. However, before doing so, make sure that Discord is not running at the same time.

Discord file

You can also delete discord.exe via task manager. Click End Task in this case. 

task manager

3. Deleting the Discord AppData folder will place it in the recycle bin. Thus, emptying the recycle bin to ensure that the folder is completely deleted is important as well.

recycle bin

On successful removal of the folder, Discord will immediately generate a new, uncorrupted set of configuration files on its own. The process will renew almost everything in the program’s back end, hence don’t fret in case it asks you to log in to the Discord app again.

Fix #2: Reinstall Discord’s App

If the newly generated AppData folder doesn’t help remedy the Javascript error in Discord, the next solution is to completely remove the entire program from the desktop and install it back again. This process will wipe away any corrupted file with it which might have been interrupting the Discord from running.

To remove Discord from desktop:

1. Go to the Windows Settings menu.

2. Enter Apps, then go to Apps and Features. Use the search bar to find Discord or scroll down till you approach it.

3. Next, select Discord from the list and click Uninstall. Check the validation prompt to allow the system to proceed.


4. Once it has been entirely deleted, access Discord’s website and select the latest version of the program for download.

latest version

5. After the download finishes, execute and run the installer and follow any instructions provided by the download package.

The newly installed Discord program will replace all existing files (if any). However, do make sure that you have already followed Fix # 1 because the reinstallation process will not remove any temporary or corrupt AppData folders.

Fix #3: Check For Antivirus Interruptions

Unlike many other programs, Discord is an app that runs entirely from within its AppData folder. Each version of the program is held as a temporary file along with an update.exe file running first to ensure that the latest version is installed as soon as it comes to the market.

Though the AppData folder is a self-protected system folder, additional restrictions may still be imposed on it when a new third-party anti-malware program is installed in your system. It’s also quite rare that the security program halts any update, but it has still been the case in many JavaScript error situations.

In order to stop the anti-malware of your system from blocking new Discord installations, you are required to revise some of its settings. As the settings of each anti-virus software differ from one other, you need to explore your’s a little and modify what you think is blocking Discord.

You can also simply add Discord to the “allowed” list of the anti-malware of your system to stop it from blocking any activity.

Fix #4: Try Running Discord With Administrator Privileges

If Discord still fails to run, it probably points to an issue associated with user rights. Commonly, the Discord app is supposed to run via your Windows user account; it won’t really harm anything if you try running it as an administrator instead. To do this:

  1. Access the system’s files explorer and input C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Discord on the top screen navigation bar. Here username is to be replaced with your user profile folder.
  2. Once you enter the Discord Folder, you’ll be greeted by different files, each of them being named using a distinct number (for example, app- This numbering refers to all existing Discord versions. Click open the folder named with either the largest number or the most recent modification date.
  3. Within the folder, right-click the Discord.exe file and choose Properties.
  4. Next, select the Compatibility tab, click on Run This Program as an administrator, and press OK to confirm.


And that’s about it. We hope you will never face a Javascript error on Discord ever again if you’ve utilized the troubleshooting mentioned above methods. All of them are the most utilized and the simplest ways to remedy a fatal Discord JavaScript error.

A cherry on top, it’s not just the javascript problem that these fixes will waive off either. Even if you are experiencing some other Discord-related issues, these methods have the potential to fix them too!

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