Kinsal Gaming Chair Review

All-day hardcore gaming deserves to be treated by a comfortable gaming chair. An excellent gaming experience always comes with exemplary comfort. This...

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Kinsal Gaming Chair

All-day hardcore gaming deserves to be treated by a comfortable gaming chair. An excellent gaming experience always comes with exemplary comfort. This is exactly what the Kinsal Gaming Chair manufacturers might have thought while designing the chair. 

The Kinsal Gaming Chair provides some alluring functionalities and asserts comfort and convenience for a remarkable cost, so if you are searching for a chair that won’t crush their budget, you have come to the right blog. Let’s have a look at Kinsal’s High-Back Gaming Chair.

On the face of it, the chair looks cozy with an enticing racing-design overall look, and a retail tag marked hardly at $150. Pretty shocking right? Is there even more to Kinsal than what meets the eyes?

This and a lot more, our Kinsal Gaming Chair review will answer all your queries so that you know everything before making your final purchase. 

Technical Specifications

DimensionsChair Height From Ground to Seat: 17.5 to 20.5 inchSeat Size: 21 x 23 inchesBackrest Height: 34.5 inch
Weight46.3 lbs
Maximum Weight Capacity280 lbs
MaterialsHigh-density shaping foam coated with PU leather, Thick Tabular Steel Frame, Star Base 
Chair TypeErgonomic High-Back Leather Gaming Chair 
Recline90 to 180 degrees with 360-Degree Swivel
Design/StyleRacing Style
Color VariantsRed and Blue with Black Base



Though the chair looks as if it has come straight out of a racing car, Kinsal is good for relaxing and taking short rest breaks as you can easily recline it down to 180 degrees backward.

Kinsal gaming chairs can be calibrated according to a user’s height, such that they can go either up or down to have the desired chair height. The Class-4 gas lift height cylinder is very potent to balance you no matter what height you prefer.

Moreover, this chair has high-back support, ideal for gamers who are a bit too tall than average.

Kinsal has also added two pillows, the lumbar support and headrest pillow, to ensure enhanced comfort and relaxation. Both of them are very valuable in keeping a good check of the user’s health, even after hours of sitting on the same spot.

The lumbar pillow is meant to keep your spine aligned by giving extra support to your lumbar region. The headrest pillow, on the other hand, helps in reducing neck pain by keeping the head covered. Both the pillows are adjustable as well as removable.

Along with this pair of pillows, other parts of the Kinsal gaming chair are adjustable too. For instance, the armrests that are already padded sufficiently to maximize comfort can also be adjusted to any height the user wants.

What really makes the Kinsal Gaming Chair unique is the extended footrest which is hard to find in budget chairs. It’s not at all shaky, giving your feet a good rest while you stay active on the screen.

Built Design and Durability

Built Design and Durability

Like most other gaming chairs, the Kinsal gaming chair also adopts a racing-style built design that aims to balance the user’s weight throughout the seat and high backrest.

The seat and the high-rise back have PU leather upholstery bolstered by high-density shaping foam. The upholstery has also got cool-looking diamonds crafted on it. 

At first impression and even early usage days, all the material that makes up Kinsal’s design look quite pleasing to the eyes, but things start to reverse after a year full of usage. 

The manufacturer has used a little cheap fabric on this chair’s seats and backrest that tends to rip off, especially if you are a rough handler. 

However, if you are a gamer who is only rough with his on-screen rivals and not with the real-life accessories around you, Kinsal is sure to accompany you for long.

Coming to the other side, Kinsal is backed by a tubular frame made of steel, which, although it looks very much like the ones found inexpensive models, lacks to match the sturdiness. 

But it’s still strong enough to get you through the horde of functionality the chair has got (more on that later). Plus, it’s adequate for the price it comes in. 

While the frame might be lacking, this chair has got a super potent starbase that can conveniently bear a maximum capacity of 280 pounds. But in case you weigh more than this; unfortunately, Kinsal won’t be able to lift you up. 

Furthermore, this chair is neither very bulky to move around nor takes too much space in a room. 

Conclusively, the Kinsal Gaming Chair isn’t the most durable option in the realm of racing-style gaming chairs but has got a fairly durable overall build, which is quite justified as per its retail price.   


It’s nice to see that the Kinsal Gaming chair’s assembly is pretty straightforward. Because the chair ships with its backrest and seat already connected, half of your job comes already done for you, saving you a considerable amount of hassle and time. 

In fact, it resorts the entire assembly process to just a three-step simple procedure. 

One downside associated with the chair when it comes to assembling it is the instructions bundled inside the package. They are basically a translated version of the language they would have been originally published in, thus they are a little unclear. 

However, they are enough to get your chair in the right shape. 

What’s More?

HubCap Wheels

As we said earlier, neither the Kinsal chair is bulky nor does it require much effort to move around. The addition of HubCap wheels has made the chore more of a breeze.

Thanks to the rubber-made build, the wheels are not only less noisy but also floor friendly, marking not even the tiniest bit of a scratch.

The rubber build also makes them very soft and doesn’t break easily, making them super durable. HubCap Wheels are also replaceable.

ID Card

The Kinsal chair comes with tons of features that aid comfort and a few genius ones like this one. The chair has its own ID card to differentiate it from the rest of the chairs designed by the same manufacturer.

This makes it easy for Kinsal to troubleshoot and replace any defective parts you might want to change in the chair. It’s a great way to make Kinsal’s customer satisfaction sector more efficient.

Customer Support Service

This gaming chair retails a year full of a free replacement warranty for non-artificial defective or damaged parts and a one-month no-questions-asked exchange/refund policy.


  • Super comfortable lumbar rest and headrest pillows. Both of them are adjustable and can be detached from the seat as per a user’s convenience. The Lumbar pillow is also equipped with straps that help it move up and down the high back. 
  • Highly reliable 180 degree recline and 360-degree swivel backed by Kinsal’s strong star base so that you don’t have to worry about crashing down while enjoying your siesta.
  • The gaming chair won’t make noise when you rock or lean back. It does have a sound that is loud enough to be noticed in silent rooms but not distract or create attention.  
  • Great addition of a reliable, non-shaky, extendable footrest.
  • Durable overall built. The chair has a sturdy support mechanism that enables it to safely accommodate weights of up to 280 pounds.
  • It’s high back rest is long enough to accomodate players who are taller than 6 feets.
  • The wheels of the Kinsal gaming chair are robust. It allows users to reach around for anything they want without having to leave their gaming station, without making any noise or marking scratches on the floor. 
  • Comes with incredible customer service features including a distinct ID card for efficient troubleshooting and fair warranty procedures.


  • Lackluster PU leather that tends to rip off after some time.
  • Tabular-shaped steel frame in a little week.
  • Though it’s assembly is a three step procedure, the instructions provided in the box are unclear and might create problems for users who aren’t used to assembling products.



Of course, it’s you who pawned your gaming rivals in your last match, but if you want to continue with the same zeal and power, you definitely need the impressive comfort housed within the Kinsal Gaming chair. 

Not wanting you to miss out on any moment of your favorite gaming event, Kinsal did an incredible job in packing robust functionality to its very affordable yet mighty leather gaming chair. 

Almost every nifty part of the chair is adjustable, from the sitting height levels to its armrests, and detachable lumbar support to the headrest pillow. 

Last but not least, with the chair, you also get the benefit of a great customer support service always ready to serve you. What more does an extreme screen person want? This chair has got you covered from head to toe. 

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