Merax Gaming Chair Review

Gaming chairs are designed to provide optimum posture support and comfort. Especially to pair up with gaming sessions that tend to drain...

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Merax Gaming Chair Review

Gaming chairs are designed to provide optimum posture support and comfort. Especially to pair up with gaming sessions that tend to drain hours, you definitely need to get a chair that provides both back support and comfort in spades.

To prevent you from feeling stressed and fatigued without compromising your gameplay, here’s the extraordinary Merax Gaming Chair for you. With its lavish design and a horde of extra features, it is one of the most economical chairs one can find in the market right now. 

But does being affordable narrow down the chances of experiencing quality features? This Merax Chair review will be touring you through all of its ups and downs and what it really brings to the table. 


Dimensions52.4 inch Height, 21.7-inch Width, and 20.1-inch Depth
Weight55 lbs
Maximum Weight Capacity250 lbs
MaterialsPU Leather, Block Foam Pads, Mesh Fabric Upholstered Face
Chair TypeHigh-Back
Recline180 degrees
Design/StyleRacing Style
Color VariantsBlack and Blue, Black and Red, Black and Green, Black and White, Balck and Purple, Black and Yellow 
Warranty 1 year 

Design, Color, and Style 


Despite being cheaper than many other options in today’s times, the Merax Chair proves that a less expensive price tag doesn’t always equate to more inferior quality. 

This chair retails in six different variants: green, white, blue, purple, yellow, and red. Basically, it makes use of black as its primary color, with the secondary being one of the six varying color accents. Unfortunately,

Merax doesn’t have an all-black model if you like keeping their gaming stations entirely black. 

That being said, the option to choose from different color variants is enough to serve most gamer’s fondness. 

Coming to its appearance, Merax has done pretty good in enhancing the chair’s overall look by padding cushions in almost all important areas. To design more ergonomically, its seats are noticeably more significant compared to other gaming chairs. 

Merax has given this chair a maximum weight capacity of just 250 lbs. Unfortunately, this is perhaps where the product falls short, as most modern gaming chairs can bear up to a maximum of 300 lbs. 

This is certainly not a big setback for most gamers but still an important factor to consider before buying. 

With a high-back support design, the Merax chair adopts a very popular racing style. But, overall, it carries enough on its outlook to satisfy almost every gamer’s personal liking with its universal design. 


The Merax chair mostly makes use of standard PU leather with upholstered Mesh fabric on its face. Stuffed inside is block foam making the overall build very much like other gaming pro chairs retailed within the same price range. 

PU leather is a synthetic leather type that is made of a certain percentage of genuine leather. The only differentiator is the polyurethane coating used within. 

Known as a low-maintenance material, PU leather is extremely easy to clean and also significantly resistant to water.



Imagine indulging in gameplay whose storyline is way too long and then ending up stressed and fatigued after hours. Here’s where the extraordinary Merax Gaming Chair comes into play. 

Though not in a cutting-edge kind of way, this chair is going to accompany you fairly well through gaming sessions no matter how long they continue. Thanks to its high-back support quality and ergonomic design, Merax can give more than sufficient comfort.  

Even if you are not into gaming, Merax can be utilized by individuals who work long hours sitting in front of their screens, such as programmers or office workers. In fact, you can also take advantage of the absolute comfort given while streaming movies. 

The chair comes with an adequate amount of padding of block foam on the seats and backrest, which can also be adjusted to whatever position you want it to. Other ergonomics qualities that aid in comfortability includes a lumbar support pillow, 180-degree reclining backrest, and headrest pillow. 

Such features are there to provide the right support for your back and the shoulders and neck as well. Chairs like this are very ideal for taller users too as it offers posture support even.  

Other Features

180-degree Reclining Backrest


The reclining backrest is the most important feature in making Merax a dedicated chair for gaming and giving the optimum comfort everyone craves while working on the screen. 

Though many might not prefer this way of sitting while playing games, having the ability to lean the backrest to your desired angle will help you relax or watch your favorite movies online.

Lumbar Support and Headrest Pillow

The market of gaming chairs is full of nifty options, but you most probably won’t find one with something as unique as the lumbar support. Luckily Merax has got you covered with that. 

With lumbar support, the Merax gaming chair also equips a headrest pillow. Both the pillows are attached to the back with the aid of straps, and they can be adjusted too. 

However, what really matters is how they turn out to be. According to user reviews, both the support pillows are clumsy and not firm. Also, in a few cases, they struggled to adjust as per user preference.

Why Should You Buy the Merax Gaming Chair? 

  • Great value for money, best for those who don’t want to spend too much on a decent gaming chair
  • Comfortable built with more than sufficient levels of padding
  • Attractive and stylish design to fit with everyone’s gaming stations 
  • Fully adjustable supports 
  • The 180-degree recline range is amazing
  • Very sturdy 
  • Comes in six different color variants

Why Should You Not Buy the Merax Gaming Chair? 

  • The Merax chair does not come with a manual. Not a big issue for many, but some customers, especially those purchasing a dedicated chair for the very first time, might find this bothersome
  • The lumbar support and headrest pillow are way too soft

Conclusion – Is the Merax Gaming Chair Right for you?


Though not like high-end gaming chairs of modern times, Merax provides you enough comfort bundled with a decent set of features that are within a quite affordable price tag. 

It is a perfectly functional chair built while keeping in mind the popular racing design that can provide basic comfort and posture support. In addition, the inclusion of headrest and lumbar pillows is highly admired, even with their said meager quality. 

For someone looking for a not-too-pricey gaming chair with great high-back support and robust features like the 180-degree recline, the Merax gaming chair is worth spending for. 

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