Minecraft Nether Update: New Mobs, Blocks, and Biomes

If the former Nether isn’t already exciting enough for you, then the surprises packed within the Nether update are what you were...

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Minecraft Nether Update

If the former Nether isn’t already exciting enough for you, then the surprises packed within the Nether update are what you were looking for. With new Piglins, blocks, and biomes coming to the chthonic realms of Minecraft, there will be numerous features to prove worthy of your time.

If you don’t know what Nether is, it is a dangerous hell-like Minecraft dimension that can only be accessed via the Nether portal from the overworld. The Nether dimension houses all kinds of horrors, including fungus-based vegetation, lava, fire, and many vicious mobs.

Despite what’s inside, the Nether is a profitable haven of resources used for crafting and looting. Up till last year, it was relatively barren, giving users no reason to explore. But thanks to the Nether update, Minecraft opens up many new productive opportunities and incentives to tour this deadly destination.

The Minecraft Nether update puts in many upswings to the vicious setting, so if it wasn’t worth traveling before, all the new aspects, mobs, and other trinkets discussed below have made it worth visiting now.

Minecraft Nether Update Mobs



You might know of Zombie Pigmen, the mobs we are used to witnessing before the update. The new mobs of the Nether, or we can say Piglins are the non-zombified versions of them. These hostile creatures mostly dwell in the Crimson Forests, but you might also encounter a few in the Nether Wastes.

Piglins are an aggressive Nether civilization who won’t welcome visitors with pleasure unless you’re dressed in gold armor or touch chests in the Piglins’ homes. If you know how to stop zombie pigmen from spawning, resisting Piglins is a piece of cake.

You have to get clothed with gold, and the Piglins won’t assault you. Even better than that, they’ll try to trade with you in exchange for Gold Ingots. Just throw ingots, or right-click the Piglins with an ingot, to trade for goods.

Hoglins AKA Piglin Beast

The Minecraft Nether update houses another brand new enemy in the form of Hoglins. This aggressive force can’t be calmed with any gold attire and is bigger than Piglins. They reside in the Crimson Forests and assault players with a big knockback effect.

You can breed Hoglins by grazing them with crimson fungi. Just be careful of their pointed tusks – they may seem sweet, but touching will come at an expense. Also, don’t ever think of bringing a Hoglin into the normal world. Cause if you do, it can turn into a horrifying new zombie creature — a Zoglin!


Well, you might try to back off a Hoglin using the smell of warped fungi, but their Zombified version isn’t going anywhere, no matter how bad the smell is. Beware – these creatures are raving insane and attack just about everything they see!


Finally, players will also come across a new, passive Strider beast. A Strider’s long legs enable it to stride over lava, but it won’t proceed unless it can smell some Warped Fungi to follow. 

How Many Biomes are in Minecraft Nether Update?

The traditional Nether that players are used to just had a single biome, the Nether Wastes. The new update has, however, added more areas for players to explore. All the latest Minecraft biomes are:

Basalt Deltas

The Basalt deltas are largely constructed of basalt and Blackstone. This Minecraft biome always has a fog around, which appears in dull lilacs. Walking through it, you will be surrounded by flakes of ash passing by.

Basalt Deltas

Those Minecraft players who still haven’t found the answer to the how-to-find the nether fortress question, the Basalt Deltas will end your quest. Though Minecraft hasn’t yet declared how many Nether Fortresses are in the Nether, this biome has got multiple of them but finding a nether fortress is a quest in itself. You could wander for thousands of miles in all directions without ever noticing one.

Basalt Deltas 2

The only way out is using a command code or having strong cheats turned on. The fortresses spawn in rows every 200-400 blocks along Minecraft’s North/South axis. Once you get to the first one, continue to walk in the same direction to reach the next.

Crimson Forests

The Crimson Forest is a Netherwart forest. It is a forest of fungi full of eerie lights and big mushrooms spread around. Things like crawling red vessels vining up the dense wall make the setting a little creepy for most players. 

Crimson Forests

However, users have still found a lot of adventures to do in this overgrown biome. For instance, players can climb Weeping Vines and farm Nether Wart.  

Warped Forests

Warped Forests

The Warped is another Netherwart fungi forest that is a little less spooky than Crimson. Apart from fungi, the Warped forest also houses coral-like plants, giving it a gloomy deep underwater atmosphere. 

Soul Sand Valley

Soul Sand Valley

Soul Sand Valley is an open desert mostly made of Soul Soil and Soul Sand. The valley has Basalt’s pillars spanning from floor to ceiling; fossils remain scattered, and ash falls from the sky. This composition makes the open desert look spooky and slows players down.

Minecraft Nether Update Blocks 

The Minecraft Nether update reveals a new block called the Target Block. As the name suggests, the target block is a square-shaped target box itself. Upon targeting it with an arrow, the block radiates Redstone signals. The better the shot, the better the emission. 

Other than the Target Block, the Nether Update comes with many other additions, including different kinds of stems and fungi. For instance, Soul Soil is a unique inclusion used to craft soul lanterns and soul torches. You’ll also come across the ancient debris ore that can be refined to produce the most fetched Minecraft material: the netherite. 


That was everything that you can relish via the Minecraft Nether Update, from new hostile mobs to spooky Minecraft biomes. The Nether Update is one of the most comprehensive that Minecraft has ever approved and entirely reworks the Nether from a place to die to a place to survive the unique thrill.

But before you decide to unleash Nether’s virgin lands, we recommend you do a little preparation. Of course, no one would want to enter the spooky habitat of aggressive Minecraft mobs unarmed. For instance, you should build a Minecraft shield or come armed with a Minecraft trident. 

No matter what surviving tactics you adopt, one thing is confirmed, and that is the horde of surprises that the diverse realm of Nether has for you. 

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