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Soulcalibur VI Tier List

The iconic Soulcalibur 6 is the seventh main and the most recent installment to Bandai Namco’s popular SC franchise. With detailed improvements...

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Soulcalibur VI

The iconic Soulcalibur 6 is the seventh main and the most recent installment to Bandai Namco’s popular SC franchise. With detailed improvements made over the years, it’s a much-cherished PC, Xbox 1, and playstation game worldwide.

Though Soul Calibur 6 has strategic combat, swift and strong character customization, some fighters perform better than others when it comes to true fighting game fashion. In this article, we’ll go deep into the world of Soul Calibur 6 to bring up the strongest and the weakest fighter of the game.

This sc 6 tier list will serve to categorize the granular benefits and purposes of each fighter so that you know better about who to send after the enemies.

TIER-S: The Top Fighters of Soulcalibur VI

The S-Tier includes every top-notch character to use in competitive mates. All of them are great combatants with terrific matchups with the rest of the crew. Though these fighters do have flaws, they are far too minor to create a big issue.

Fighter Weapon Details 
Raphael Flambert SwordRaphael is a severely powerful combatant who has high potential skills. His sturdiness advances dramatically as the player acquires more skills. 
He has got an ample variety of combos at all ranges, which enables Raphael to adapt to any condition. The player is quite a pro at slashing and thrusting attacks. His throws strikes are hard to resist and are long-ranged. 
Raphael’s dominance is confirmed by his tremendous achievements in matches and ranked games. There is no poor matchup in his record at all.        
AmyAlbionYou won’t come across a more hazardous character than Amy stacked with purple roses. Though she takes up some time to fully charge through the match, once she does, the rival is guaranteed to be crushed by her. 
If there’s a downside to Amy’s character, it’s none other than the lack of her range. She’s marvelous in compact quarters but won’t do much when it comes to controlling an entire floor as Raphael does. 
Overall, Amy is a flexible and well-rounded player with great offenses and paries. 
YoshimitsuFu-Ma Blade and Manji Sword Yoshimitsu is a versatile character not only in the Soulcalibur but also in the Tekken series. The unpredictable performance of this character is due to two factors: his skills and the current battling stage. 
That said, when Yoshimitsu is fully charged, the opponents might face a pretty rough time. He doesn’t have a very long range but is capable of launching various actions including lightning-fast attacks and punishing counters.
With very fast and simple animations, the player can be executed at minimal settings.  
IvyIvy Blade The best battle arena controller in the entire S-Tier. Ivy has a long-ranged grab and sweeping attack potential that can destroy foes who target close quarters. 
Due to her magical Ivy Blade Sword, she is also a master in making short-range attacks. 
However, Ivy’s character is not very powerful in terms of damage and also struggles to keep up against rivals who themselves are superb in making long-range attacks like her. 

Despite being one of the greatest characters of the series, Inferno is not included in this Soulcalibur 6 tier list because he’s currently restricted from online play and active tournaments.

TIER-A: Very Powerful Characters But Not as Sturdy as the S-TIER Ones 

These players act marvelously against most matchups, sometimes even outnumbering the top-of-cast S-TIER players. They may not be as potent as those in the first tier but they aren’t too far away either, proving to be great alternatives to them.

SophitiaElk Shield and SwordSophitia is a wonderful pick even for fresh starters because she is easy to maneuver. She is predominantly a counter fighter, known for her right side throw and Seraphim Strike.
The player has a simple yet very strong move set making her playstyle quite aggressive. Sophitia has sharp movements, decent combos, and low-risk initiations that require minimal skills to control. 
The player might seem dull in terms of damage, but the rest in her strength pack is more than enough to make up for it. 
SiegfriedClockworkSeigfried is the best in-game as a counter-attacker, capable of transforming the entire momentum in his favor. What makes him do this so swiftly are his proper defensive methods and a good attack range that renders him massive control. 
He is also able to pin down competitors that have a tentative playing style. Seigfried’s initiation strategies and distinct approach are sufficient enough to make this happen.  
ZasalamelKafzielControlling Zasalamel is a tremendous task. A slight surge in your network’s latency and you’ll probably get caught by his aggressive moves. 
Along with this, Zas has got decent zoning options, a good neutral game, and a strong soul charge to boot back quickly. He has high combat abilities with his death scythes which are rare in the entire series. 
Cassandra Omega Sword and Owl ShieldHer basics are almost similar to what Sophitia possesses. The only variation is that Cassandra has a better close-range offensive mechanism. 
She’s better utilized as a quick and aggressive player, excellent at winning neutral games by pinning the rival at corners. 
Cassandra gives a lot of pressure on her enemies through the intense combos, throws, and stuns she has got. 
CervantesNirvana and AcheronCervantes made his debut arrival as a villain in the Soul Calibur game. Just like his tier fellows, Cervantes exhibits massive basics. 
He has a high level of competence, which makes him a worthwhile player on whom investing additional practice time doesn’t feel like a burden. 
The player’s move set includes his unique ability to play on mid to long-range footsies, making him a nice safe fighter who is great at punishing opponents. 

TIER-B: Solid Overall Fighters

Tier-B features above-average fighters who have great potential to run through their oppositions, even in ranked tournaments. They are beneficial players but can prove to be very impressive at times.

2B Virtuous Treaty and Virtuous Contract2B can heavily damage adversaries who are not familiar with her massively aggressive moves. This terrific quality combines well with 2B’s analysis points mechanic to strengthen her defense strategy as well.    
She can perform mid-air slashes, acrobatic leaps, and extremely rapid evasions. The player possesses various weapons, swiftly shifting from one to the other to perfectly fit the battle situation. 
HwangDark Thunder Hwang isn’t admired a lot by the gaming community and that’s pretty unfair considering the horde of potential the player has. 
Thanks to Life Force, he is the only one in SoulCalibur 6 who can resist a lot of guard damage. He has got unique throws that are profitable for many situations and can be availed to reboot to neutral if needed.
The only downside associated with Hwang is that it requires strong control from the player’s side to fully unleash his playstyle. This is a big issue for gamers who like combo mix-ups instead. 
MitsurugiShishi-OhPreviously, this player was seen just as an average character of the Soulcalibur VI. His achievements in games, however, have proved how viable he is. 
Mitsurugi’s fighting style is a lot similar to Hwang’s, with the exception being his kicks and throws. He is equipped with a unique Shura Blade making his play as deadly as ever.
Maxi FatibalMaxi is someone who needs a lot of practicing before you truly get to see his shine. Plus, it may take you some time to master his playstyle
However, with a wide array of different stances (each with its special quirk), enemies have to put in double efforts to resist each stance.
XianghuaSaparaYou won’t find a more consistent player in the entire series than Xianghua. With considerable damage for relatively low-risk actions, she’s fundamentally sturdy. 
Her playstyle includes rapid, flowing strokes that can be shuffled to puzzle the foe and making it tough for them to defend effectively.
Though this character doesn’t involve a lot of burst damage, Xianghua’s solid sustained injuries to the opponent make up for that. 
AstarothKulutuesThe only thing that stops Astaroth from being in the top tier of our Soulcalibur 6 tier list is his slow speed. His command grabs and attacks dish out enormous damage. 
With a brutal fighting style, Astaroth’s animations are great, making him an ideal character for precise gamers to play with. 
As the game meta right now solely relies on rapid attacks and defensive strategies using the entire arena’s space, Astaroth’s very slow speed is a big downfall. 
VoldoAyus and Manas Voldo is a quick transforming character with an unexpected fighting style due to his horde of mix-ups options. 
He has fine damage output and his stance shifting keeps advancing the player’s approach to varied dimensions. 

TIER-C: Average Fighters

Decent fighters who don’t provide any striking benefit in the game but have no prominent downfall either. These combatants can be reasonable picks but they’re still less powerful overall.

TalimSavageTalim is sometimes successful and sometimes not. On one side, Talim has damaging mix-ups that assist an offense-centric fighting style. 
She holds dual elbow blades that enable her to summon a small tornado around the opposition to take them flying. However, if an expert side manages to react to it, Talim will surely start struggling. 
HaohmaruFugudokuHaohmaru adapts numerous different moves to wipe his opponents off the guard. A lot of his playstyle revolves around his power-based swordplay
Though his attacks are a bit one-dimensional in comparison to other fighters, they are powerful enough to hit his foes hard. 
Azwel PalindromeThis player has got a fine set of fighting tools but he lacks solid damage output. Awzel’s only quality that helps him defend the opposition’s attacks are his low, safe hitting shots.  
SetsukaUgetsu KageuchiSetsuka is very potent if played methodically and slowly. She is superb in punishing her opponents with the variety of defensive moves she’s got. 
However, they are difficult to maneuver and thus only rewarding for those who can accurately capitalize them off. She particularly lacks in the damage field though. 
Setsuka has to depend on the exact timing of placements and counters in almost every game. 
Seong Mi-NaScarlet ThunderWith her heavy-hitting attacks, Seong is a master in knocking all opponents off the ring. Her playstyle involves swinging her weapon around and using extensive strikes. 
This character very impressively makes use of the Scarlet Thunder weapon as a platform, balancing on the sides to kick off the enemies.

TIER-D: Below-Average Fighters

These combatants might help you collect a few wins at ranked tournaments and really make them shine; you need to put in your extensive efforts. Their moves set and weapons aren’t as optimized as the top-tier fighters of this list.

KilikKali-YugaHe is famous for his practice of rod martial arts. He has good speed and range but nothing too exceptional when compared to other players. 
Kilik has satisfactory characteristics in almost all areas of Soulcalibur VI but falls short to excel in any one of them. This leads to him being attributed as just a passable fighter.  
TiraShriekerTira is by far the least availed combatant of Soulcalibur VI right now. Due to her complex state shifting, this character is way too tricky to control. 
However, investing your time and effort in mastering Tira can prove to be very fruitful in the longer run.
NightmareSoul EdgeNightmare best manifests his skills when availed as a counter combatant. His playstyle is not unique but very neat due to the solid revenge armor he has. 
Because of having no unusual traits, you won’t be able to yield a lot from his traits. This leads Nightmare to still struggle against the players who are already aware of how to tackle this mechanism. 
GeraltSilver Sword and Steel Sword He is a strong basic fighter with sturdy traits but again none of them is unique enough to make Geralt’s fighting style unpredictable for the opponent to respond to. 
Also, it seems like the fighter hasn’t been modified a lot since he first launched. This deficiency doesn’t affect the game meta, yet also does not advance with it. 
Otherwise, he is an easy-to-control character whose practicing period doesn’t require a lot of effort from you. 

TIER-F: The Weakest Fighters

While still decent combatants, these are the weakest characters of the game for highly tense tournaments. They either don’t have a consistent win rate or are very difficult to master.

HildeMoralltach and Gae DeargHilde had made its entry into the Soulcalibur series just recently and thus has a lot to prove in competitive tournaments. 
Though her floor control is lacking that leaves Hilde vulnerable to mid to long-ranged attacks only, she has got a nifty charge mechanism 
GrohAerondight ReplicaGroh seems pretty fine to play with. He is capable of utilizing a mix of sword and staff strategies to widen his attack range and spin his saber. 
This character also can teleport. The drawback is that his move set doesn’t have sufficient hard-hitting attacks that are very useful in securing a match. 
TakiRekki-MaruIf you have decided to avail Taki, it’s very essential to be extremely precise with her attacks and movements. This will help in making sure that the opponent is taken by surprise utilizing Taki’s long and flashy combos.
Many gamers can’t manage to make this happen and thus Taki is forced to stay in this tier. 

Final Words

This marks the end of our Sc 6 Tier List. For this list, we used the format of “S” to “F” categorizing. Characters of the S-Tier are the toughest and the most valuable for intense competition. If you want to invest minimal efforts to get excellent results or want to achieve the best worth of your endeavors, the Tier-S characters are exceptionally suitable.  

As you continue stepping down along the tier list, player efficiency will certainly reduce, but that doesn’t mean the characters are completely useless. Do bear in mind that Soulcalibur 6 is a very balanced combat game and the difference amongst tiers is not enormous.

Every combatant has a satisfactory prospect of success, provided you invest the time into understanding them.

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